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An exciting and innovative growth service and development partner

Virtuous Growth offers a new, fresh and holistic way of creating sustainable growth and prosperity for companies, management, entrepreneurs, leaders, business owners, partners and other stakeholders ready to embark upon an innovative growth journey. We are here to support you to create life changing concepts, services, products and to open new avenues of communication and engagement. Our aim is to share powerful resources that bring success to a co-creative endeavor where all stakeholders can grow in the ways that shine their very best.

Visionary mission

Our vision, mission and goal are driven by a desire to create powerful growth concepts, strong brands, successful growth and sustainable prosperity for our customers and partners.

Unique offering

Virtuous growth is what most businesses dream about, yet is hard to create and sustain. We have designed a growth development platform for collaboration and consultation with our clients.

Growth philosophy

Our principles provide a solid foundation for goal setting, strategy formulation, business processes, transparency and alignment with social responsibility which nurture collaboration internally and externally.

Business values

All our growth activities, concepts, creations and services are ethically developed and managed on a foundation of positive business values with the objective to support our clients, collaborators and environment.

Portfolio companies

Virtuous Growth are actively involved and develops portfolio companies with other entrepreneurs, companies and investors. We typically take an equity position in change for our involvement and contribution.

Competent team

We work and collaborate with clients throughout the entire creation cycle, from strategy, conception and integration to implementation of innovative solutions. We have built a team of awesome professionals, consultants, entrepreneurs, investors and partners with a visionary focus, ambition and development activities.

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We have developed a platform virtuous growth and collaboration

Virtuous Growth work and collaborate with clients throughout the entire creation cycle, focusing on integration and implementation of new ways of thinking and the innovative solutions that organically arise from the process. We provides ongoing facilitation so that clients can continue to build and maintain growth cycles once the initial development work is complete. Virtuous growth is what most businesses dream about, yet is hard to create and sustain. We have designed a growth development platform and are ready to collaborate and build Virtuous Growth with you.

Visionary mission and goals

Our vision, mission and goal are driven by a desire to create successful growth and sustainability for our customers and partners:

Virtuous vision

To help innovative businesses to successfully grow, evolve and make positive changes in their ecosystems and cultures in order to achieve sustainable prosperity and make the world a better place!

Growth mission

Create powerful growth concepts, brands and virtuous cycles for companies via collaboration in key creation phases; from strategy and concept development through growth and scaling activities.

Virtuous goals

Be a respected strategic development partner and creative force for growth oriented companies, investors and active owners who would like to make a difference with their businesses and support a positive human evolution.

Growth offering

We offer what we are best at, namely creating virtuous growth and sustainable prosperity for our growth clients.

Big visions and growth perspectives

We offer new perspectives, insights, strategies and services to successfully grow your business, build a strong brand and customer franchise to achieve sustainable prosperity within high growth markets in the digital economy, green tech and renewable energy.

Holistic and integrated development

We focus on strategic development, conception and incubation of new ideas and solutions, focused branding and digital marketing solutions. We facilitate and empower companies' co-creative resources and advise on growth funding strategies.

Fostering change on global scale

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6 foundation stones


We offer new insights, strategies and solutions to successfully grow businesses, develop empowered teams of co-creators, build strong brands and achieve sustainable prosperity for all stakeholders involved while serving multitudes of happy customers.


We apply a holistic growth development approach integrating new ideas and strategies for the incubation of unique concepts. We support the creation of new products and solutions with strong branding, effective digital marketing and sales activities. We assist in the development of co-creative resources and empowerment of people to facilitate the growth process.


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Creative, innovative and valuable growth services, advice, concepts and solutions.


Experienced and skilled growth builders with a passion for excellence and innovative creations, utilizing the latest technologies and know how.


We are currently building a quality partner network for collaboration in several key areas of the creation cycles not covered by the Virtuous Growth team.

Virtuous Growth Philosophy

The cornerstones of our growth philosophy encompass the 8 P’s where the virtuous values are consistently applied for creating virtuous growth and sustainable prosperity:

The eight principles (8 P’s) create a solid foundation for our goal setting, strategy formulation, business process design, growth activities and achieving sustainable prosperity. These principles align us with our social responsibility, values and transparency, as well as nurture collaboration internally and externally.

Virtuous business values

We have chosen strong values to build up on our growth services and development activities to achieve virtuous growth and sustainable prosperity ourselves.

When business activities are built on strong ethics, honest work flows, open communication, incentives to collaborate and where good deeds are the standard, virtuous growth cycles are strong and sustainable. A culture based on strong underlying positive values and virtues anchors trust and people are self- motivated to engage, create and openly share their creativity, skills and expertise. This creates and sustains an ongoing momentum for the development of unique and valuable offerings over time. Thus choosing, implementing and unwaveringly maintaining high standards of conduct and ethical business values and virtues is crucial for successful repetition of virtuous growth cycles. As we live for and strongly believe in.

If you are interested in learning more, we have defined a set of values to consider that will help to build momentum in all parts of the business cycle and system, which you can find in the virtuous presented in our concept.

Growth portfolio

Virtuous Growth are actively involved and develops in the following companies (own shares)

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Internet industry

Online video exchange

Videotelligent was founded by Virtuous Growth AS and a few co-founders. The company will launch a smart video exchange for popular videos, which will be a unique eco system for monetization of online videos. MCNs and publishers can co- operate to create and share the advertising revenue generated from online video. The Videotelligent team is a skilled and experienced online video team from Scandinavia and Europe.

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Internet industry

Online data

Nordic Data Resources (NDR) was co-founded by Virtuous Growth in 2015, and merged in 2016 with another company to create a leading provider of online data service. NDR is offering a safe, reliable and scalable online audience targeting across any device and on all the major platforms. Utilizing massive amount of census data and sophisticated geo-targeting, NDR exclusively offer online targeting based on consumer classification data from the world-leading consumer classification companies

Collaborative Team

We are currently building a partner based team to secure focus, skills and effectiveness throughout the business activities

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Founder & CEO

Espen Moen

+47 91550505

Virtuous Growth is founded by Espen Moen who has 20 years of growth oriented experience including the development of new concepts, projects, products, and companies. Espen started his professional career with McKinsey & Company and been actively involved in many successful internet conpanies. His years in the ad agency industry included brand building, trade marketing, advertising and communication. In 2001 he entered the venture capital arena where he worked with investors and entrepreneurs to develop successful enterprises. Most recently he founded Videotelligent and co-founded Nordic Data Resources, both with global aspirations.


Virtuous Growth is working out of Norway with a focused team of growth partners. We have a skilled partner team for the different growth development phases with presence in Europe, India and US. We are currently building our development team and work closely with PierX Venture Hub.

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