Introduction to Virtuous Growth

Today’s fast paced world is always changing and a company’s ability to respond to change and meet the evolving needs of the market defines its future. Consumers’ desire for change and a better lifestyle continually presents new business opportunities. If a company is to be truly sustainable and positively contribute to society it must continue to grow. Growth is not confused with expansion which is another consideration. Virtuous Growth is a form of sustainable and organic growth that benefits an organization even more than the monetary gain it produces. It refers to the positive evolutionary growth of people and processes as well as the products and services, partners and other shareholders that make up the organization.


We believe virtuous growth is such an essential insight that we have created a new company to share this fresh, growth oriented brand and service concept. What began in a creative moment of exploring ideas grew as we sparked our ideas, dreams, and concepts. Viola! The first virtuous growth cycle was born. This activity seeded a vision which then transformed into a set of new and innovative services. Services that are based upon decades of business management and ownership experience in a variety of industries coupled with the application of observable natural cycles that we have not seen formally applied to business activities. We believe that the sharing of our new insights of virtuous cycles, positive thinking, virtuous communication and creation processes will create the right starting point for ourselves as well as for you, our customers and partners.


We know our success is solely up to us and no one else. At the same time your success is important for our success. We enjoy and embrace our growth vision, trust our capabilities and are determined to successfully grow by growing together with other growth oriented companies. We invite you to join the journey and grow with us, based on your great vision, goals, skills and ambitions. We are here to help you to fulfill your dreams and co-create sustainable growth and prosperity.


We look forward to hearing from you and are excited about co-creating our virtuous growth together.


We wish you a wonderful growth journey,

Espen Moen

Founder & CEO

PS! Please push the button if you would like to start a virtuous growth journey and get an overview of what this is all about.

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