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Growth oriented management, entrepreneurs and active shareholders with a desire to create successful brands, sustainable prosperity are welcome to join the growth journey. A brief summary for each of our growth development services is shown below. You will find a more detail descriptions in the sub-tabs (click on the link or choose in the menu), or in the PDFs.

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Growth Strategy

Our unique Virtuous Growth Strategy concept is based on the foundation of virtuous creation steps, growth cycles and values. We initiate formulation of each growth strategy by defining “Why, What, Where, How, When and with Whom” to develop your desired future creation, benefits and outcomes. Most of the concepts and underlying elements are based upon proven methods and perspectives currently operating in well-known settings. We have integrated the best of these methods and perspectives with our unique understanding of the virtuous cycles.


Our innovative Virtuous Conception system can help you to identify new insights, trends and market changes, as well as become more innovative and create visionary concepts based on a desire to create new and valuable services based on positive values and virtuous cycles. Many valuable opportunities are being missed by companies who have inadvertently become too conservative and narrow in their viewpoints. The speed of today’s world requires early action upon mega trends as they are starting. Better yet, be the creator of a new trend. Success is all about being brave and investing in resources to master these processes.


Our focused Virtuous Creation concept and methods effectively work with development projects. It focuses on the critical aspects of your concepts to build a foundation for further work. Our development partners generally run Agile or Lean based projects and we invite project manager from our clients into our development process. Our methodology is mainly based on developing ICT related products and our core offering is the development of internet based solutions, web sites, collaborative web applications, apps and social media activities with selected partners.


Our effective Virtuous Communication concept understands and approaches the new digital world with a focused and “state of the art” branding system, marketing model, and integrated communication platform. It is based on a new perspective that consumers are in a constant brand interaction process with a clear path to purchase as long as they are understood, respected and served well. Only by touching the customers’ hot buttons and emotional feelings can marketers be successful with their marketing activities and programs. The key is to identify the right buttons and create a focused branding platform.


Our innovative Virtuous Commerce concept approaches effective sales methods in a new digital world that keeps the magic of older, yet still valid sales methodologies. Mastering the best of both worlds requires an understanding of what to keep, what to modify and what to discard. It also requires understanding what motivates your customers, who and where they are. Vital to success is also a clear picture of their core desires and your product’s benefits from the consumer’s point of view. This information allows you to create your most important success factors before you invest in your sales activities: a focused sales message and Unique Selling Proposition (USP).


Our powerful Virtuous Empowerment programs can help you to effectively develop self-empowered people, teams and organizations. The focus is on various growth aspects of Human Resource Management (HRM) aimed to inspire and empower your employees to become more motivated, skilled, productive, innovative and happy. Our core offering is to develop strategies for Sustainable Growth Organizations, Personal Growth and Personal Empowerment. These programs and courses are offered both on and offsite for your company.

Capital Advisory

Our focused Virtuous Capital Advisory concept provides growth funding services, which starts with the development of a focused Growth Funding Strategy, which will give a clear understanding into how much capital would be wisely required to raise. Then working for a financial placement we prepare an investment proposal targeted to the appropriate investor type. Once the financial and legal documentation has been prepared we will contact our extensive Investor network to present the proposal. Advisory services will then continue throughout the final closing phases of the transaction.

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