Virtuous Cycles for successful growth

If you have a desire to sustainably grow your business you will likely find the concept and application of virtuous cycles both valuable and useful. Cycles of growth are often inherently virtuous when revenues grow over time from initial investments, reinvestment, efficient operational activities and effective feedback loops from customers, partners and the market. We invite you to explore with us the characteristics and functions of what we call virtuous cycles to see for yourself how understanding these cycles can benefit you and your stakeholders.


Many successful companies understand virtuous growth cycles aligning their philosophies, values and processes to give themselves strong advantages in the marketplace. Their innovations and business creations spiral out from core platforms that facilitate efficient collaborative connectivity among stakeholders for growth and creativity throughout the ecosystem. Consider Apple’s introduction of iPod, iPhone and iPad, which not only innovated the music, telecom and mobile internet industry, they also introduced unprecedented product features with new partners thus building a virtuous ecosystem for all its participants. They suddenly took the lead leaving Nokia and Microsoft wondering what happened.


While each company and industry has different characteristics and challenges the mechanics and opportunities are the same. Even though everyone can easily see what happened with Nokia and Microsoft today, most people could not see it coming. A proactive awareness of and perspective on virtuous and vicious cycles may have led Nokia to identify and approach their challenges differently.


A thorough understanding of virtuous cycles, as well as vicious cycles, is one of the most powerful tools of insight a growth company can possess today.  


We wish you a powerful and growth journey. May you create and ride the virtuous cycles!


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