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Ignite and Accelerate Growth

Growth acceleration can best be achieved with a focused development based on key market opportunities combined with implementation of great ideas and products, as well as with innovative and positive improvement throughout the entire business. System. We offer a state of the art platform and programs that will help you to accelerate your growth. Or if you want to set up for own service, license, manage and implement the accelerator software and programs.
Create, Build, Grow and Scale to Accelerate Growth 
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Acceleration for Key Stakeholders

We offer an effective growth platform with accelerator programs run on a software from a global partner. that will help you to design, develop, manage and implement the incubator, accelerator and growth programs you need, either you are a startup, investor or want to become an accelerator yourself.
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Startups &
Startups and scaleups can accelerate growth by follow our online program for free, which is a fully automated program. In addition you can sign up for valued added services , mentoring support and accelerator community.. No need to relocate or spend time on traveling to local events in remote places, and the online program, The acceleration process will be finalized with an online demo event, which will be shown to investors in the Virtuous Growth Accelerator network.
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& funds
Investors can invest in early-stage companies that have been through a thorough growth acceleration process, where all creations, outcomes,materials and information are stored in the platform, presented in an effective way to source new and exciting investments, Investor can easily get overview of the investment opportunities and they can. further investigate and do their due due diligence one to one with the founder team., 
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Incubators & accelerators
Incubators and accelerators, as well as research and academic founder communities, who want to set up their own platform and programs, can license the service. The platform can be licensed as software (SaaS) or combined with incubator and accelerator programs developed by Virtuous Growth. These programs can be customized for clients who want to build on the modules but adapt it to their own style and process.
Virtuos Growth accelerator programs
Sustainable growth can best be achieved with great purpose, smart innovations, unique and valuable products, happy customers and co-creators. The growth will be amplified with positive improvements throughout the entire business system and its function. In order to ignite and accelerate this growth process, we have designed the Accelerator Growth system, which works like a growth engine where startups and scaleups can sharpen their strategy and build their own acceleration growth cycle. 

Acceleration Growth Cycle

The Acceleration growth cycle with the eight core growth components, shows how to amplify acceleration using the Virtuous Growth Cycle concept. Acceleration starts with a clear strategy and conception of great ideas and creation of products matching the market needs and opportunities. It ends with high customer satisfaction and impact based on feedback from the community and customers. The Acceleration Growth Cycle need resources and strong support for their growth building activities and eight steps.
Key resources are Capital, Co-Creators, Computing power and technology as well as a well-working Community and ecosystem, and Culture,. And together building strong Capabilities to grow and accelerate.
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Accelerate your growth 8 steps anSupport

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Refine growth strategy to capture low-hanging fruits and create new demand to accelerate
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Innovate great, unique and sustainable concepts /solutions that amplify growth cycles
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Create strong products and services with sharp focus , build agile dev team and processes
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Build a lean and flexible operation with efficient, low cost, high quality and ESG partners
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Build a strong and visionary brand with smart and automated marketing solutions
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Develop effective sales programs, tools and lean processes, ecommerce solution
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Develop efficient sales channels and distribution (offline and online) with partners
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Make community programs and guidelines for a sustainable environment and society
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Accelerator Investor Community

A good result of an accelerator process is that the companies know what is needed for accelerating their growth, specified with a clear funding requirement. Investors can access these companies through the platform. to screen and match them with their individual investor appetite at end of the accelerator process.
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Dependent on the industry, country and investment phase (Pre-Seed / Seed / Series A-C) , we invite relevant investors to an online Growth Demo presentation when a company has finished the Accelerator program and implemented our feedback. Startups and scaleups will cater to different investors and we customize the matching to increase the success rate for the funding.
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Investors in our community get a pre sneak and get the opportunity to explore, meet and invest in the companies before the Growth Demo day, They easily get an overview of all the investment opportunities. Investor will have access to investor materials and information stored in the platform, so they can source exciting investment cases at ease and good information quality., 
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One to One
Deal Meeting
investors who want to explore investment opportunities can investigate and do their due diligence once they have met the founder team., Through the platform they get access to all relevant information about the company and will quickly get a good perspective on the match score with the company. Virtuous Growth will advice the company and support the closing process.. 
User Friendly Accelerator Software
We have partnered with a global accelerator tech platform who runs over hundred platforms for accelerator in Europe and North America. The platform is easy to use, and users can follow the process online on the digital platform, with no need to physically meet. The major part of participants can there run their business as they refine their strategy and acceleration power.
Set up, automate, organize, track, and boost value to your startups.
Set up your account and start your desired program with ease and take full control of your own development, which is fully automated and for free. Reclaim your time from time consuming tasks, and enjoy our comprehensive, automated Acceleration systems and platform.

Application Process

Submitting your application is easy..

Accelerator Program

Choose program, get materials, videos, quizzes, and tests

Mentoring tools

Schedule mentoring, track progress and coaching logistics

Data Collection

Calculate metrics and analyse performance .

Event planning

Announce events, register and track attendance.
Acceleration Benefits
There are many benefits of the Accelerator Growth platform and programs. Key benefits include a significant value creation coming from a laser sharp growth strategy, satisfied employees, new customers and partners contributing to create short term revenue cycles and profit growth.

Other important ones are the new insights, methods, processes and innovative solutions that will support you in creating a strong and successful brand. With Virtuous Growth you can set your growth cycle on autopilot; but you need to initiate and facilitate it to accelerate it.
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Learn about the Virtuous Growth Accelerator Program and book a free consultation with us.
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