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The Growth Capital opportunity

Capital is an important co- creative resource that works together with the human resources throughout all the phases to fulfill the company’s vision, mission and goals. Virtuous Growth Funding refers to, in our terminology, the funding of any virtuous growth activity, which is broadly defined from conception, creation, communication to commerce and other co-creative resources. Growth capital includes seed capital, early stage and late-stage venture capital, growth capital and other private placement before a company goes public. The purpose of the capital is to facilitate and fund the virtuous growth activities until company is generating a sufficient and sustainable cash-flow.

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The Solution

Virtuous Growth has developed a unique Virtuous Capital Advisory concept for financial growth services, which starts with the development of a focused Growth Funding Strategy. Defining “Why, What, How, Where and When to fund” your activities will give a clear understanding into how much capital would be wisely required to raise for each phase. Then working for a financial placement we prepare an investment proposal targeted to the appropriate investor type. Seed funding requires a different approach than raising a larger amount from a Private Equity fund. Once the financial and legal documentation has been prepared we will contact our extensive Investor network to present the proposal. Advisory services will then continue throughout the final closing phases of the transaction.

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The Services

There are four main Capital Advisory services in the concept:

1. Strategy

Growth Funding Strategies

2. Funding

Growth Funding Services & placements

3. Network

Growth Investors / Network

4. Corporate Finance

Other Capital services

Amplify growth and prosperity with the
Virtous Growth Services and collaboration

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