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We create value for growth clients in collaboration with strong partners
We offer a new, fresh way of creating sustainable growth and prosperity for those embraced by the spirit of entrepreneurship and motivated to build great companies. Business leaders, owners, investors, partners, employees and other stakeholders who love doing what they are best at, namely creating life changing concepts, scalable solutions, great services and products, will enjoy our resources to become even better.

Growth invitation

We understand growth cycles and have developed a way to use them as strategic road maps to ensure that each step of the growth cycle is fully addressed and actualized. Further, insights, data and new solutions are gathered from each cycle for future application. We work and collaborate with clients throughout the growth cycle to effectively implement and integrate the resulting new thinking, concepts and solutions into subsequent cycles. Please see your growth invitation for more information.


Virtuous Growth offers results that you can enjoy; most important is the virtuous growth and sustainable prosperity resulting from virtuous cycles. Another strong benefit is the significant wealth creation that comes from creating a strong brand positioning satisfying employees, customers and partners contributing to create virtuous revenue cycles and profit growth.

Industry and sectors

Our current focus is internet and the digital marketing industry where we are building a strong Nordic presence in the programmatic advertising market. We expect many changes in this market the next few years and are positioned to be and remain in the forefront. We are also focusing on other growth areas like renewables, technology and health.


Our ideal clients are typically growth oriented companies within one of the following groups; Builders and their active owners like VC and PE Funds, Mid-sized growth oriented companies, Companies focusing on digital transformation, Innovative companies and entrepreneurial based companies.

Business Models

We are flexible in how we collaborate and can be paid in shares or cash. We offer three main business models. Firstly, we offer consultancy services with cash payment, but also with payments in shares as well as a true collaborative equity model for dedicated projects.

We also establish new companies as one of our services and will always consider partnering with attractive projects, start-ups and established companies if they are aligned with our values and growth principles.

Partnering is key for virtuous growth

A key aspect of our growth strategy is to collaborate with awesome professionals, consultants, investors, entrepreneurs, funds and companies with a visionary focus and similar ambitions, interests, values and perspectives as Virtuous Growth.

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Kickstart your virtuous growth journey :
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Capturing the value requires a strong growth culture, skills and set of right actions


We have the right skills, tools and experience to share that will make your journey of co-creation wildly successful, whether it is innovating existing systems or products, developing new services and solutions, building and facilitating empowered teams or contributing in other areas of your organization.


We live and breathe in an exciting ecosystem of rapid change and know the importance of learning and growing together with our partners and clients. We are ambitious, dedicated and possess a strong desire to create and grow valuable brands.

Growth requirements

Virtuous growth is what most businesses dream about, yet is hard to create and sustain. Here are somome key requirements for achieving virtuous growth:

  1. Great idea: a creative and unique idea with a clear value proposition to the consumer
  2. Purpose: a firm foundation built upon a positive and meaningful purpose
  3. Vison and goals: an ambitious well defined vision with specific goals
  4. Mission: a crystal clear mission so everyone understands the company’s focus and priorities
  5. USP: valuable and unique offerings presented in a way easy for customers to understand
  6. Philosophy and values: internally mutually agreed upon growth philosophy and business values
  7. Collaboration: a solid collaborative platform where customers and other stakeholders can connect and engage with the different phases of the growth cycles
  8. Culture: A strong innovative culture, generating new ideas as the market evolves

Most companies have not developed a clear perspective on this and these questions are often smart to initially address in growth development projects. If you would like to learn more, please make contact in the form below.

You can download an overview of the value of the concept for clients or for partnering to learn more about how we see our clients and partners.

Learn to create Virtuous Cycles
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