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Growth oriented business models

We are flexible in how we collaborate and can be paid in different ways and offer three different models. The basic one is the consultancy model with cash payment, but we can also get paid in shares. A third one is a true collaborative equity model for dedicated projects, where we can join forces and become active shareholders if the ownership is significant. We also create new concepts, services and establish new companies to strengthen our core offering, as well as become partner in attractive projects, start-ups and growth companies.

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Cash payment

Any of the Virtuous Growth services can be arranged and delivered as a consultancy service in Europe based on Norwegian law (or we can use our partners jurisdiction if it is a collaborative project). A project agreement will be signed project by project, with 1/3 paid upfront, 1/3 mid project and 1/3 after delivery of project.

Share payment

Specific projects can be arranged with a share consideration if the company has a shareholder structure that is open where shares are liquid. Projects will be arranged and delivered in the same way as for the service model, except that the share consideration replaces the cash payment. A project agreement will be defined by Virtuous Growth to best fit the development project.

Project model

Virtuous Growth will ignite new projects, start new companies and development projects, alone or together with partners. We have defined a “Virtuous Project Creation model” where the different contributors and collaborators will get paid in shares, based on a fair value exchange model developed by Virtuous Growth. Founders, co- founders, advisers, key people and other early stage stakeholders will get shares based on early entry and risk taking, when projects are transformed into legal entities with shares to issue.

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