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Dear Growth Builder

Virtuous Growth offers a fresh new way to create a positive future with virtuous growth and sustainable prosperity for companies and their communities. We serve innovative entrepreneurs, visionary business leaders, engaged board members, active owners, proactive marketers and other stakeholders primarily involved in technology, digital marketing and internet oriented companies, including those funded through angel investors, venture capital and private equity funds.

Our vision is to see our customers and clients successfully evolve, grow, prosper and make positive changes throughout their business ecosystems for a better world. Our mission is to support co-creative growth processes by sharing the unique growth strategies and solutions we have developed through the various services we offer.

We collaborate with clients to integrate and implement our virtuous cycle concept and methodology. Our insights, skills and resources are brought together with your great ideas, creativity, existing platform and knowledge of your products and services to grow your business. Our holistic approach and new perspectives of growth cycles will serve you and your stakeholders to become more effective and efficient in what you do best; develop your company and creating life changing concepts, products and innovations.

We believe in innovation, big ideas, quantum leaps and that everyone has the opportunity and ability to create game changing products and make great success. Awesome results require extraordinary thinking. We have developed a unique Virtuous Growth service concept that includes all the major elements necessary for sustainable growth, as well as the ability to create continuous learning based on new insights from feedback loops from the ongoing development process, customer interactions and market implementation.

Virtuous growth requires continuous facilitation, adjustments and vigilant observation of customers, partners, the marketplace and technological advancements that influence and affect a business’s ecosystem. It is only those companies who keep a proactive eye to the future, establish and maintain flexible responsive systems that will enjoy long term success.

If you have ambitions to create and develop new concepts, solutions, improve your brand image, automate sales and marketing, grow revenue and profit, attract new talent, raise growth capital or team up with attractive partners please consider the possibility of working with us.

Enjoy your growth journey. We look forward to co-creating virtuous growth and sustainable prosperity with you!,

Espen Moen

Founder and CEO