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The Virtuous Communication opportunity

Marketing is about choosing the right activities performed in the right order to effectively promote your products to your desired audience. Communication is about creating the desired brand image through effective copy, images and other media where you share your unique offerings. A focused branding and communication platform with good feedback loops aimed at Social media, smartphones, tablets, apps and new interactive, digital marketing tools will move you closer to understanding your customers and their buying processes. Understanding your customers evolution and journey into the new digital landscape and ecosystem is paramount to being effective in all your marketing activities.

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The Solution

Virtuous Growth has developed a unique Virtuous Communication concept to understand and approach the new digital world with a focused and effective branding system, marketing model, and integrated communication platform. It is based on a new perspective that consumers are in a constant brand interaction process with a clear path to purchase as long as they are understood, respected and served well. Only by touching the customers’ hot buttons and emotional feelings can marketers be successful with their marketing activities. The key is to identify the right buttons and create a focused branding platform with a clear Unique Selling Proposition (USP).

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The Services

There are five main services in the virtuous marketing and communication concept:

1. Insights

Consumer info and behavior, market segmentation

2. Branding

Categorization, branding and positioning

3. Communciation

Integrated communication & media mix

4. Data & ads

Digital advertising, programmatic and big data

Social & email

Social Media, community and email marketing

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